Constitution is the greatest document


January 20, 2022

To The Eagle:

I have to comment on a letter last week from a writer who's views are mostly extreme to me.

The writer suggested maybe we don't need a Constitution, well I guess he thinks we don't need freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or any other of our Bill of Rights.

I guess he believes we don't need any elections of the president, Senate or House of Representatives anymore as is in our Constitution.

I don't know about anyone else but I am not happy Joe Biden has three more years in office but imagine him president for life, or anyone else for that matter.

Our Constitution may well be the greatest document put on paper (parchment) for mankind by man over 200 plus years ago that still serves our country and its people today, tomorrow and for as long we the people are willing protect and defend it from all enemies foreign and domestic.

Today as I write this letter it is Martin Luther King Day, a day to remember this extraordinary man. A man that while I served overseas hearing the news that American cities were burning from violent protests, he stood up as a Black man for peace and nonviolence, even though he himself suffered the indignity, the horror of segregation and blatant racism in many parts of this land.

I thank God everyday that the vast majority of Americans of all colors respect and honor this great man and his message than those few that buy into the hate of groups such as Black Lives Matter, Skinheads and the like.

No honest person can even suggest that this country is not much better today than in the 60's because of the men and women that stood up for what is right like Dr. King. We may have a way to go to live up to our Constitution but we get nearer the promise of it everyday.

Paul Schreiber



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