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Today's politicians are deceitfully disguised

To The Eagle:

“Basic civil, human, and economic rights were violated under demonstrably fraudulent pretenses. The sacrifices we thought we were making for the common good were sacrifices made in vain. Unlawful lockdowns demoralized the population and ruined lives. The tragic reality is that this was all for nothing. The only way to prevent these events from recurring is to exhaustively investigate not just the origin of the virus, but every corrupt and misguided decision made by politicians, NGOs, public health organizations, and scientific institutions made since its fateful emergence.”

This last paragraph came from an article called The War on Reality by Alex Gutentag; a thorough research on the subject Covid. If you care to read the beginning and how she came to this conclusion, here’s the link:

In case this hasn’t been in the MSM news, CDC reported that covid injections have caused over 900,000 adverse reactions including deaths and permanently disabled. When I first brought up the link a week ago, they used the term “permanently disabled.” Now I see they changed the term to “serious injuries.” I wonder why. The link:

During President Trump’s administration, the vaccines were readily available to those who wanted it; he never mandated it. He left that for us to choose. At the same time, I’ve seen many episodes showing Biden, Kamala, Cuomo and others broadcast live that they do not trust President Trump or the vaccines, and will not take the shot themselves. Fast forward to today and what did Biden do when he became president? In my opinion, some of the politicians of today who claim themselves as Democrats, Republicans and Liberals are deceitfully disguised as part of a totalitarian regime that are trying to put an end to our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights and Freedom. Hypocrisy is just as corrupted, more so than Trump’s rotten mouth. I am looking at the right direction, Sir.

To wear a mask or not, get vaccinated or not, what party one belongs to; I don’t care. What I do care about is that our freedom is slowly being stripped away. For those who can’t see that, heaven help us. I am done.

Toni Below



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