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Who denies the looming lie of CRT?

To The Eagle:

Is there any person more pathetic or foolish than the man or woman of 40-50-80+ years who is “woke,” who is the recipient of the privileges and capabilities from the most free and open society in the world, but who hates it and his fellow citizens who wish to keep it free? Who insists on racial quotas, shaming the majority of people because of the evils and mistakes of our past history, or members of the hated red party? Who goes along with the destructive divisive policies of power from obsessed authoritarians [the Karens of government.]?; who promotes lies and euphemisms with their current words, “equity,” “racism,” or, “white nationalism?” Who denies the very large and looming lie of CRT? The 1619 Project?

I say no. There aren’t any such. People who don’t want to keep the compact, the promise of God-given liberty, should do the honorable thing and shut up. If you can’t recognize and appreciate the obvious worth of our society, have the courtesy to not bring everybody down.

Each one of us has to pay out more and more of our economic freedom because you do not have the courage in your soul to vote for competence over feeling. You need to find it.

Some of our neighbors in this beautiful place have voted to go along with this dishonest and divisive party. It’s time to wake up to the laziness and evil in the mega-cities of the USA and thieving politicians who call the shots in D.C. Surely they want in the end our beautiful country and its once guiding principles to survive and thrive.

May God help us to overcome their hideous and self-defeating schemes.

Mike Swift



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