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Results from regional robotics tournament

Submitted by Ronn Wright

We went to the regional tournament in Olympia, competing with 28 other schools such as Olympia HS and Union HS with high hopes. In a complicated system that rates teams on robot performance, teamwork, engineering, and Gracious Professionalism, we came away with five awards (more than any other team): Control Award winner (trophy), Finalist Team Captain (second place in robot performance - another trophy, and medals), Connect Award 3rd place, Innovate Award 3rd place, and the most desired: Inspire Award 3rd place. The Inspire Award is given to those teams that best exemplify the values and culture of engineering and First Tech Challenge. This Inspire Award may have secured our first-ever advancement to the State tournament at Amazon in Seattle on February 6. We are waiting to hear.

It took all 14 of our team members to get here, and more. Team members and main roles: captain Pierce Leavitt; operations lead: Micah Johnson; business lead: Reagen Hoogendoorn; coding lead: Kaiden Ray and coders Patrick Thompson and Jamey Heston; build lead: Peter Vik and builders Elijah Thompson, Thain Russell, Jamey Heston, Annelise Vik, Micah Johnson, Max Schmitz; driving lead: Nathan Garrett and assistants Peter Vik, Pierce Leavitt and Patrick Thompson; scouting lead: Annelise Vik and scouts Jamey Heston, Arwynn Haney, KT Cernal; outreach and presentation lead: Arwynn Haney and team KT Cernal, Micah Johnson, Annelise Vik, Reagen Hoogendoorn, Pierce Leavitt.

There are many roles and many folks are filling in wherever the team needs help. Coaches and mentors: Jess Vik (videography), Marjorie Watkins (spirit), Brian Heston (building and coding), Amanda Heston (operations), Caleb Friberg (computer aided design), Steve Hart (building and wiring), Paul Lawrence (engineering and computer aided design), Jeff Rooklidge (lead coach and logistics), Ron Wright (lead coach and coding and planning). Sponsors: led by Wahkiakum 4-H and Wahkiakum School district logos on the sleeves, and 16 more as seen on the back of our t-shirt and on our website at Thank you all.

After the state First Tech Challenge tournament, our plans include hosting the SeaPerch Qualifying tournament on April 15, and hosting the third annual Wahkiakum Wohbot Wohundup (aka: WWW) on April 29. The winner of the SeaPerch qualifier goes directly to the national tourney in Maryland in June. The WWW is where we showcase robotics and other STEM activities from Wahkiakum schools, 4-H, and other area schools.

If your organization would like a presentation by our robotics club, please contact us at the school district office, at the 4-H office, or on our website.


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