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Invest in the future

To The Eagle:

The ballots are out for voting on the renewal of our school district levy. Yes, renewal, not a new levy or tax, but replacing the expiring 4-year levy the school district is currently collecting.

The estimated levy rate is $1.78/per $1,000 of assessed value according to the Official Local Voters Pamphlet. The previous 4-year levy was approved at $2.36/$1,000. The amount the levy currently collects is $997,000, the same amount the replacement levy will collect beginning in 2023.

Yes, property values may continue to rise and if that happens your school district levy rate per $1,000 will be reduced but not the amount the levy collects for the school district.

Feel like your taxes are too high? Consider this -- Wahkiakum County’s overall tax rate in 2021 was the 38th lowest in the state of 39 counties. ( Our neighbors to the east and west paid $10.70/$1,000 and $10.97/$1,000 respectively, higher than the state average of $10.48/$1,000.

Vote Yes -- Invest in the future!

Steve McClain



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