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Vote yes on school replacement levy

To The Eagle:

We plan to vote “yes” on the replacement levy for the Wahkiakum School district (February 8 special election) and urge our neighbors to do the same. This simple, minimal measure carries forward the existing school levy and helps provide critical funding to address class sizes, technology, safety equipment, Mule athletics and necessary staff. The school district is not asking for an increase in funds, in fact district tax rates are projected to decrease over time.

Families, children and quality of life improve when schools are adequately supported. Property values rise, small business and job growth is supported, and benefits, not least of which is community pride, ripple through our community. By contrast, negative impacts result when communities do not step up to support their schools. This includes decreasing property values as families and children move out of the area, reduced federal and state payments in support of schools, erosion of community pride, and loss of employers and job growth along with declining family services.

It is not unduly burdensome to simply continue the current level of support our schools clearly need. A failure to do so will only create further burdens and unintended consequences to taxpayers and citizens above and beyond the cost of simply continuing the level of support we provide under the current levy.

This is not a tough call. We will vote “yes” on the much-needed Wahkiakum school replacement levy.

David & Dayle Olson



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