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What is the school levy?

To The Eagle:

It is not an extra tax and its approval by voters will not increase your property taxes. Instead, by voting for the renewal of the existing levy, voters indicate that they want a certain amount of their existing property tax to be used to fund, for example, school projects (sports, drama, band) and the purchase of safety equipment (defibrillators). In past years, based on the consent of voters, as much as $2.36 per $1,000/assessed property value (APV) was allocated to such projects. This time, the school board of the Wahkiakum school district asks voters to assign a lower amount ($1.78/$1,000/APV). This decrease is made possible by the increase in Wahkiakum property values and the consequent inevitable increase in property taxes. Your property tax is not affected by this levy and your tax will not increase if the renewal levy is approved.

One could argue that the extracurricular activities funded by the levy are not needed. But - what will young people do without these very popular extracurricular activities (hang out, get in trouble, watch more TV, play more computer games)? Participation in band and drama projects and in competitive sports bonds them to our community, teaches social skills, benefits growing bodies, and encourages adults to attend events, thereby increasing social interactions in our community. Please vote for the levy which, by the way, is not related to the failed bond issue.

Ursula Petralia



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