Vote yes for the levy and our future


February 3, 2022

To The Eagle:

Looking back 25 years, in 1977 the levy request put before Wahkiakum voters was $375,000 ($6.19 per thousand) and it was easily approved by 80% of the voters. Every levy request since then has been approved, even in 2010 after the recession hit. That’s important to note, because Wahkiakum County had the largest percentage drop in employment of any county in the state during the 2008-2009 recession. But the levy passed.

Generations of Wahkiakum County voters have recognized that voting to support school levies is a vote for the future. The hard-earned dollars collected by a levy were investments then, and they still are. Technology support is critical, beyond the free Chromebooks provided to all students, the infrastructure necessary to instruct in the 21st Century needs to be continually updated and maintained. School safety equipment funding request covers everything from fire extinguishers to security cameras. Replacing buildings has proven to be nearly impossible, so levy dollars are used to perform critical maintenance. The material costs-paint, concrete, rocks, wood - continue to go up and the buildings, equipment and fixtures keep getting older. The request covers music programs, after school athletics, field trips, library books and subscriptions, Special Education equipment and supplies, all contributing to an enriched educational experience for all students. The largest piece of the levy pie goes to fund the critically needed additional staff; instructional, para-educators, office staff, custodians, IT staff, and food service. This is where the State allocated formula hurts small, rural schools the worst. These are the people that are working together, every day, to give your/our kids the best learning experience in the safest and healthiest environment. The levy needs to pass. Join me in voting yes for the levy and our future.

Suzanne Holmes



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