Not rocket science, reproductive science


February 10, 2022

To The Eagle:

It's kind of sad when education comes up against those that see Jesus on a piece of toast. Human development comes in a series of stages ending with a baby once the fetus is born and breathing. Until then, starting with a blastocyst then on to embryo and finally fetus until live birth at hopefully 39 weeks. It's true that the heart will start beating at 5 weeks gestation but that does not a baby make.

All of this information is readily available for anyone that has an interest in anything but denying science. May I suggest a test? If one were to take a living breathing infant in one hand and a petri dish with a five week old blastocyst with beating heart in the other hand and drop them both from, say head height, what would you do? How about a nine week old embryo? Shortly after the embryonic stage the developing human becomes a fetus until live birth. This should not be a difficult decision unless, of course, it's in Texas. Forgive the levity but this is just head shaking amazingly baffling.

I understand cognitive dissonance won't allow new information into a mind that has conditioned itself to believe in one thing at the expense of any and all new input. The true tragedy is to not be able to learn and change to accept new information coming into a closed mind. Food for thought so don't get a hernia trying too hard to think this through. It's not rocket science, just reproductive science.

Have a nice day.

James Roberts



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