Conservation meetings bringing some results


February 17, 2022

In November of last year, county Commissioner Dan Cothren invited various agencies and local groups to send representatives to begin discussing working together to bring more projects to their attention and to have any information available on cost estimates.

The invitation brought approximately 15 people to that meeting. The second meeting was held on February 9 at the courthouse. Commissioner Cothren again sponsored the meeting with both state agencies and county groups to discuss planned projects that need to be funded and sponsored within the county area.

At this meeting, 12 individuals were present as well as two by phone. Agencies and groups present included Wahkiakum Conservation District, Public Works, Puget Island Diking District, Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, Cowlitz Tribe, Washington Fish and Wildlife, Marine Resources Committee, a Grays River landowner, Lower Columbia Land Trust, Department of Natural Resources, and a Wahkiakum County Eagle correspondent.

Discussions focused on damages from the intense rain and snow storms in past weeks. Areas of concern included culverts, roads, and several creeks that will need major work, such as Elochoman River tributary Clear Creek. Some projects are planned for this year, such as Deep River’s culverts and flooded areas.

The Elochoman has several places with log jams, and Wilson Creek will need work as well. In the Grays River area, Covered Bridge Road is closed due to road damage near the driveway entrance to the former Zerr property.

Each in attendance was asked to report on their concerns and proposed projects. The Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery Board reminded all that the deadline for grant applications is March 1. As a reminder, projects must be done within a summer window if current fish water is to be disturbed, so they cannot begin right away.

Everyone in attendance appreciated the chance to hear from each other. A suggestion was made that it would be good to bring not only a report on projects currently planned and scheduled but also a list of places that are going to need a project done.

The next meeting will be held in May, though no date has been set. To know more, contact Commissioner Cothren at


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