The loud minority disrupts civil progress


February 17, 2022

To The Eagle:

The latest Republican statement on the January 6th riot-insurrection-attack on our capitol and Democracy, by the Republican National Committee, deems that attack as "legitimate political discourse." Some elected Republicans who were there now, too, agree with that, while they did not a year ago, when fresh in their minds.

The Canadian trucker protest is by a minute section of truckers. Ninety percent of them are vaccinated, their union was against it. While distribution of parts and materials is causing work and production problems, this added much to that problem. The same elected Republicans who agree with the RNC statement, are speaking up, wishing the same upon this country, also while supporting the blockade in another country. Why are these people getting re-elected?

The ongoing discourse over vaccines and masks are also heralded by these same politicians. They tout how Denmark is dropping all restrictions but meanwhile fail to recognize Denmark has more than 81% fully vaccinated, to our 64%, with the majority of those un-vaccinated being Republicans. Also there is trust in government in Denmark, where not so much money infused; corporations are not people there.

Discourse in a classroom is usually stopped by a stern warning or a trip to the principal’s office, perhaps expulsion, as the interruption by one makes learning difficult for the rest of the class. That one, after being heard, usually quiets down and continues with the lesson in hand. My point being, a minority of loud people are making it difficult for the majority to learn civility lessons, which make life much more pleasant and productive.

Poul Toftemark



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