House budget eliminates Naselle Youth Camp


February 24, 2022

The Washington State House of Representatives has proposed a budget action that would end Juvenile rehabilitation services at Naselle Youth Camp in the summer of 2023.

Nothing is finalized at this point, state officials told employees and community leaders on Monday.

Meanwhile, the Senate released their proposed budget, which includes some improvements at the camp.

As both the House and Senate has released their proposed budgets, the next step

for them is to negotiate a final proposed budget.

The Department of Juvenile Rehabilitation government affairs team is engaging with legislators as this progresses.

“We will be able to update staff at latest on March 11th as we anticipate all legislative processes will be concluded by then,” officials said in their announcement. “We recognize the concern this causes, and while we do not have all the answers in this developing situation; we have an open door and will work to schedule listening sessions on-site as we know more.

“We will also provide timely updates to employees and the young people at Naselle as we know more.

“We are committed to being open, transparent, and thoughtful. We also want to share our care for all involved.”


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