N/GRV board discusses buses, enrollment


February 24, 2022

Naselle/Grays River Valley School District board of directors met February 15 via Zoom.

The meeting was held remotely this time due to the covid case rate and recent spike in cases. The platform, Zoom, shows the meeting and attendees, if they have a camera for their computer. If not, they can hear the meeting clearly on their computer or telephone or see attendees and board members on their computer screen. It was easy to connect to the meeting by following directions at the bottom of the board agenda available on the district’s website. The meeting began at 6:30 p.m. and adjourned at 7 p.m.

All business items on the agenda passed with little discussion. The personnel items on the agenda included approval of interim hire Jessica Mason as a Naselle Youth Camp paraeducator through August, 2022, in a grant position. Resignations from Shana Smith, paraeducator and Rose Nisbet, teacher, as of the end of the school was also passed.

In unfinished business, Director Tyson Vogeler reported that he was the school bus driver that was discussed at a previous meeting. He spoke to put facts into the record stating he was the bus driver. He stated as the employee driving on that bus trip, he observed at least one half of the students on the bus were not wearing masks. He said he has several years of experience driving busses and that drivers have to pay attention to students as well as to driving.

“The job is very difficult," he said. Drivers should check their mirrors every five seconds. Bus monitors (adults also aboard) are meant to help with monitoring behavior. It was stated at the last board meeting that the administration had taken care of it. But I took care of it.”

Director Amy Hunt thanked. Vogeler for his clarifying remarks.

Superintendent Lisa Nelson reported that the enrollment at the Naselle Youth Camp has been dropping. It is currently at 26. The K-12 enrollment at the Naselle GR school is 306. She further reported that the $500,000 grant application for the Youth Camp is coming along. Nelson met with Camp employees to identify and prioritize capital improvement needs. They will continue working on that application. She reported that the current budget report reflects being halfway through and in line with the proposed budget expenses halfway through the school year.

She also reported that a letter was sent to the governor signed by all the board members stating their Board Resolution No.2022-2-15. It states that the District School Board oppose(s) the possibility of requiring the covid-19 vaccinations as a requirement for attending K-12 schools.

Vogeler reported on a Small Schools Work Group he has been attending by Zoom. The group has identified key issues that range from funding to capital expenditures. They are required to have a process identified by November 15 to determine the two most difficult issues.


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