The vaccine mandates must end


February 24, 2022

To The Eagle:

I am saddened to see a free country like Canada suffer the horror that is Trudeau's dictatorship over vaccine mandates that are being ordered at the tail end of the covid pandemic and not really needed according to those scientists that are educated about these viruses.

I tell you this, if you ask could it happen here in the USA, I reply were it not for our Supreme Court knocking down the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate not only could it have happened but may well have happened.

Think about it, would you trust Inslee or Biden with that kind of power to mandate to the people, I sure as heck wouldn't.

I have noticed that many liberal politicians around the world are reading from the same script. I must ask the most important question who is writing the script they read from and follow?

The mandates and orders put into effect on the people by liberal governments are in most cases not legal, not Democratic or certainly not in concert with the norms of a free society. These things are the norm in dictatorships like China, North Korea and the like.

God help us if we don't mend the divide in our political and race relations as Abraham Lincoln once said "A house divided cannot stand."

All lives matter and it is way past the time for cowardly politicians to stand up and say so.

The memories and messages of people like Dr. Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln must never be the victim of the so called Cancel Culture.

Paul Schreiber



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