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There are a few adults in the room

To The Eagle:

Once and yet again my recent letter was misinterpreted and rather than used as a starting point to actually learn something was turned into a pimple popping, well, I'm not even sure what the writer was trying to impart. Most of what I got was that he thinks he knows more about women and pregnancy than they do. Fascinating. Maybe he thinks the rapist or man causing the incestuous attack should be reminded to use a condom? Hard to tell as there was obviously no real thought put into his missive.

To further his education may I add that not all pregnancies are a success and need to be terminated somewhere along the way to what would be a live baby. There are cases where a malformed fetus, there's that word again, is not viable and needs to be removed before causing the woman untold harm or even death. It's unfortunate but it's real, regardless of one's feelings on the issue. Why would a person who prays to God want a woman to carry to term a dead fetus? Baffles me and I would hope cause some thought for those anti-abortion folks.

Regardless of how Roe turns out in the courts, our state along with several others, has put into law a woman's right to choose. At least there are some adults in the room.

James Roberts



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