We have cursed generations to come


February 24, 2022

To The Eagle:

To be led at this time by the weaklings and cowards in our national administration is truly a frightening reality and something to behold. Biden is a weak and failing man. He is a longtime front man for his family and associates. He and his family have made fortunes from his efforts through the years. He is a liar and a thief. And yet now we see his failing is leading us to Russian aggression, Chinese aggression and permitting Iran’s acquisition of the nuclear bomb.

Our cities are falling apart. We are being invaded by the millions [last year 2 million]. The vicious and profuse crime in those cities is defeating and demoralizing. And yet people vote for DA’s who won’t prosecute the crimes, for excuse-giving politicians who “just want to get along.”

Regret at this time is way late. We have cursed ourselves and generations to come with our laziness and hubris. And does anyone seriously think all this would have happened with a strong president in charge? How are your food and gas bills doing?

Mike Swift



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