The brown sandwich doesn't taste right


To The Eagle:

Now what? Putin sends Russian troops into Ukraine attempting to take over their country. Nearly every country on earth has condemned this uncalled for war. Countries that have been traditionally neutral are getting involved. Switzerland has condemned Russia as well as Sweden and The Netherlands. Many countries are sending money and or weapons so the Ukrainian people can fight against the invaders. Huge sanctions have been placed against Russian financial institutions and Russia is being shut out of any and all business dealings except for a very few.

There is but one person who has publicly stated that Mr. Putin is just doing a fine thing and guess who that would be? Bingo! Our very own former president who still hasn't realized that he indeed did lose the election nearly a year and a half ago. Yep: Donald J. Trump! Very good, Grasshopper! The same guy that said he believed Putin over our own intelligence services and played a game of kissing A for four years. But, of course, it's Biden's fault, right?

Some of the GOP are actually starting to realize that the brown stuff on the sandwich FOX news is feeding them doesn't taste quite right. Apparently all things brown aren't peanut butter or chocolate; hmm....

James Roberts



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