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The west better wake up before it's too late

To The Eagle:

Well I hope all you Liberals, Democrats, Dead People, and Illegal Immigrants that voted for Joe (Nevelle Chamberlin) Biden are getting what you wished for.

The best president (Donald Trump) we ever had was sent packing because of his tone not being PC enough; really, my God help us all.

We all should get used to the fact that we are no longer energy independent like we were a year ago as gas and oil prices and overall inflation destroys the middle class’s families budgets and our economy.

Look at the horror Putin and his butchers are bringing to the people of Ukraine every day. I am sure it will get worse because Putin wants to be the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Now the West won't help because Putin threatens nuclear war, so with that logic, I guess if Putin wants to take New York we would have to back down because of the same nuclear threat.

In my mind, once he made the threat, we should have killed his oil and gas economy and let him know that our nuclear defense was now on high alert as well. Instead, Joe Biden stated he didn't want to provoke Putin.

The West better wake up to the threats in Europe and Asia before it is too late. It would be easy to destroy Russia and China's economy by making the USA energy independent and the manufacturing giant we once were before our stupid politicians sent our jobs overseas to an enemy of freedom.

I think it is time to impeach Biden if for no other reason then he is as dumb as a door knob.

Paul Schreiber



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