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KMUN pledge drive coming

KMUN will hold a pledge drive March 14-20. The long hours of research and preparing questions for a guest during local public affairs or the hours and focus it takes to curate a 2-hour music program, comes down to this: Opening up the microphone and inviting the audience into a partnership for the duration of the show.

Partnership, because not only is it important for a radio station to have listeners (KMUN has 30,000 weekly listeners) but also for the community to know that this is your voice in the region. KMUN's mission is to provide your voice in the lower Columbia-Pacific region. If you are not hearing your voice reflected in KMUN programs, you are encouraged to call the radio station and find out how they can work together to make that happen.

They would love to hear from you, the community, They carefully track all donations, note the comments and share them with programmers, staff, and volunteers. It's quick and easy to give feedback and donate online at or call 503-325-0010 during business hours

KMUN is looking to listeners in this partnership to help keep public media local and pertinent to all through donations and participation.


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