Work for peace through love


March 24, 2022

To The Eagle:

My Aunt, Sister Victoria Hunchak of Toronto, Canada asked me to submit this letter to The Eagle.

As the war in Ukraine continued week after week I began to realize that what really thrives in Ukraine from February 24 is the very opposite of love: fear, refugees, killing, maiming, hate, desire for revenge, desire for total destruction of a young nation. Yes, there are many signs of love: many soup kitchens, volunteers driving the refugees to a safe country, serving in the army, no matter the health or age, offering hospitality to the refugees. May these continue to multiply.

However, being in safe Canada, the only way I could be involved (other than my donations) was to be more loving here and now. The war has made our global village very troubled and helpless to end this war quickly and justly without too much damage. We cannot let war and all it entails predominate. So each person should strive to cultivate in their daily lives the opposite of war – peace, which comes from respectful and caring relationships. Make peace with those you feel you could never forgive. Teach your children to work for peace in simple ways, sharing, apologizing, etc. Work for peace through love.

Marianna Bruneau



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