Biden has not shut down American energy


To The Eagle:

It was claimed recently that Trump brought us to “energy independence” and that Biden has rained on that parade.

“Energy independence” is a political term, not a realistic description. So, what does it mean? The answer to that question is complicated but can be summarized thus: The U.S. enjoys energy independence when it exports more petroleum than it imports.

Our petroleum imports have been steadily declining since the 2nd Bush administration. We continue to import Russian oil to West Coast refineries because, lacking sufficient pipelines from the central US, it’s cheaper to import oil from Russia.

Those imports fell to their lowest ebb during the prior administration, but Trump did nothing to deserve credit for their decline. The assertion that he was responsible for energy “independence” is false. The insinuation that Biden has compromised U.S. energy production is also a fallacy.

According to Facts First “Contrary to claims by Republicans, Biden has not "shut down" American energy. US crude oil production in Biden's first year was higher than in each of Trump's first two years as well as during his final year. Experts blame economic factors and pressures from Wall Street, not anything Biden has done, for making US oil companies delay ramping up production from current levels.” I read that as meaning more delay = higher profits.

It’s been suggested we suspend our state fuel tax to provide relief at the pumps. That tax funds construction and maintenance for roads, bridges, ferries, traffic signaling, and the Washington State Patrol. In my opinion, it would be false economy to deprive the state of those essential revenues.

As we deal with these inconveniences, other people are fighting for their lives. Slava Ukraini!

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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