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Flow of lies in society is overwhelming

To The Eagle:

The amount of lies we are bathed in are overwhelming and disastrous. We seem to be ahead of almost every country in this world at self-flagellation and recrimination. We are masochists who can’t even defend our institutions and basic history. The ignorance and mendacious misinformation spewed by the mainstream media onto the willing and lazy TV watching public is killing the freedom we so hardly fought for these past 246 years.

Would a majority of our population, 20 years ago, be okay with two and a half million migrants crossing our southern border last year? And then being shipped around to unsuspecting locations unannounced, yay, hidden from public and media view? Would most people, or even a significant minority, be okay with exposing and promulgating the sick culture being pushed through by the fanatics in “education?” How many murders and acts of pure savagery are we going to tolerate until we put in office people who will defend our values and punish those who do the evil?

Or is it that the many among us are just too scared to face that bright shining evil. Evil is a bright shiny effect, not the dark it’s always portrayed. That evil will not be tempered by the indolent and easily offended. The scaredy cats.

Mike Swift



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