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We know the CCP is the culprit

To The Eagle:

In case the msm has not reported this, Shanghai, China’s wealthiest and most populous city is in lockdown supposedly to tame the Omicron outbreak including Covid, again. The government even went so far as to separate the children from their parents. Imagine our government doing that to you. I believe the Chinese government, the CCP, is using their own people as guinea pigs for control and power.

If it happened in Shanghai, you can bet your sweet spunky it will happen here and to other countries. Though some people are still clouded with fear, the majority of us know by now that lockdowns, masks and vaccines do not work. Remember the legislators here in the USA cannot mandate and even though they have, it was and still is unconstitutional for them to mandate lockdowns, for us to wear masks or get vaccinated.

I am tired of the legislators acting like tyrants and treating us as if we are two years old. We're adults and we make our own decisions. That is the beauty of living here in the USA.

We know that the CCP is the culprit for spreading the Covid and as time goes by we are learning more and more about how, what and who else is behind it. Because this is not over, we should be behooved to continue to strengthen our immune system by eating healthy fruits, vegetables, lean meats with proper amounts of vitamins, herbs and simple exercises so that we can better fight against these viruses.

We live in the United States of America. Already, we lost some of our freedoms; freedom of choice, speech and the press. We have the right to not honor the legislators that violate our US Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our freedom. In fact, they should be impeached. Stand up for your rights.

Toni Below



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