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Recent letter confuses this reader

To The Eagle:

I found a recent letter by an apparently distressed gentleman to be both confusing and strange. There is much mention on this occasion, as there has been in his previous letters, about self flagellation, recrimination and masochism.

He asks “Would a majority of our population, 20 years ago, be okay with two and a half million migrants crossing our southern border last year?”

Who knows? Let’s just note that the Trump administration allowed the largest flows of migration at the U.S-Mexico border since the mid-2000s. Must be good. Trump did it.

I don’t think that writer cares about migration statistics or reasons. From the general tone of his letter I’m going to guess that he’s just blindly angry that black people no longer seem to “know their place” or that brown people are allowed over the border at all.

He asks “Would most people, or even a significant minority, be okay with exposing and promulgating the sick culture being pushed through by the fanatics in “education?”.

Lacking his explanation, I’ll guess this was an ill tempered swipe at “critical race theory” made much of by white Republicans, but not taught anywhere but in post-graduate university lectures. Maybe it’s a snide remark about race or gender sensitivity classes, from which this fellow might benefit. Those don’t sicken our culture. They make it healthier.

It unsettled me when this anguished gentleman launched into “Or is it that the many among us are just too scared to face the bright shining evil.” Right out of a scary movie!

I’m an old woman. I’ve seen much evil, shining and otherwise. That’s life, but there’s just as much good out there.

Grace Ling

Puget Island


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