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Why attraction to 'strongmen'

To The Eagle:

Not to be confused with strong men. In 1956, USSR brutally, with tanks and heavy force, put down an attempt by Hungarians to regain their freedom to choose. I was 12 years old, living in Denmark, and remember so vividly mine and others’ hope for USA to come and intervene. In 1991 Hungary finally got rid of Russian troops. Their elections went from flawed to now basically a farce, re-electing a Putin lover, for a third term, we had one such.

Meanwhile their neighbor Ukraine, finally achieved Democracy in 2014, which Putin and Russia has since been trying to undo, in totally brutal, murderous fashion. Ukrainian’s new found Democracy is valued, so much by them, to take on Putin and Russia. Democracy demands we defend it.

This country (USA), used to be the freest and most Democratic in the world, a beacon! We are now rated 25th in the world. We are not fighting an enemy from another country; we are fighting an enemy from within. There are forces wanting to tell you what books you choose to read. What you can and can not say. Who you choose to marry and love. How and how not to be allowed to vote. Who is qualified to afford a doctor, pre-school, day care and more. The voice of I have, so you don’t need.

Choose wisely. When it’s our turn to vote again, I hope we will all take the time to read of the policies and prior accomplishments, of who you plan to vote for. Not just the side you are leaning to; perhaps you will vote to take away you choice to choose in the next election. We came close to loosing that, with a strongman, who was weak, in not protecting our democratic process of a peaceful transfer of power.

God Bless the USA and Ukraine.

Poul Toftemark



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