More Covid cases than being reported


April 21, 2022

To The Eagle:

Don’t believe everything you read. This statement rings true once again when reading the weekly updates on active Covid cases in our county posted in The Eagle newspaper.

I recently tested positive for Covid as did a friend of mine. We both called our doctors to let them know. I also called the Wahkiakum Health Dept. to report our cases. I was shocked to learn that they are not tracking the positive Covid home test. I was told that they rely on our doctors to report this information to them. My friend is with Kaiser and was told by them that they are not tracking the positive Covid cases administered at home. Therefore, it is safe to say the weekly Eagle Covid reports are inaccurate and there are a lot more active Covid cases than being reported.

I find it mind boggling that we are given these free home test kits but no one is collecting the data. This lack of accurate data has many, I am sure, thinking they can let down their guard and figure it’s safe to return to life as we knew it before Covid. Well – don’t. I encourage everyone to continue to take a test even if you just think you have a cold. The new variant is much more contagious but the signs of being positive are much more subtle. I would have never tested myself if my friend hadn’t called me to tell me she had tested positive. I thought I just had a cold.

My advice is to use those home test kits and don’t believe what you read.

Kathy Briggs



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