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Tell Inslee to end the covid emergency

To The Eagle:

I was remembering about the time when covid first hit us. All was going well and we were at our peak of doing great mentally, physically and economically. Then wham, the covid came. Almost the whole world was in lockdown. What a twilight zone feeling that was. Eventually, lockdowns slowly lifted and President Trump announced that a vaccine had been developed and was available for us to take if we wanted it; the same way he left the decision for us if we wanted to wear the mask. In other words, he treated us as adults and the decision was ours to decide, the way it should be.

At the same time when President Trump announced the vaccine had been available, those who watched CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC news will recall when they interviewed Biden, Kamala, Pelosi, Cuomo and others if they would take the vaccine. They all pretty much said the same thing; No, they do not trust Trump and no way would they take the shot. Fast forward to Biden as President, what did he do? Yep, he mandated that we get vaccinated and wear a mask or get fired or suffer penalties and fines. As I’ve said before in my past letters, two words describe him and his administration; hypocrites and tyrants. With all the violations they’ve committed from our US Constitution, I am aghast how they are still in control of our country and not being impeached. I am embarrassed and ashamed of the type of leadership we have in our country.

This is not a health issue; this is a political issue. The governments are not doctors. Some states have dropped the national covid emergency but not all. Inslee is one of them. They still want to keep the emergency powers so they can control our behavior. Let’s tell Inslee to end the national covid emergency and let us be the one to decide hereon the choice we choose to do, the way it should be. That is our right.

Toni Below



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