Fifty years of case law may be overturned


To The Eagle:

How sad for the women of our once freedom loving country. Four men, of which two clearly lied during their confirmation hearings and one woman straight out of The Handmaid's Tale who very clearly lied during hers, are set to overturn 50 years of case law. All to support a position repugnant to 70% +/- of the American public. Heaven help us if as a country we let this travesty occur.

Of course, the 30% +/- are just tickled silly considering it has no effect on them personally. These sanctimonious do gooders just don't care about a choice a woman or a girl might make. Incest or rape be damned! Of course, they hide behind some nebulous drivel from their ‘good book' of which they have little to no understanding of. Who needs facts, anyway, which was well proven by their last choice for our fearless, orange colored leader.

I realize that at age 78 3/4 I really have no dog in the fight but neither does any other man except the busybody ones. I'm sure I'll get the usual blow back from the predictable sources but am always entertained by them so bring it on. If you are capable of writing your name in the snow you have no business dictating policy in regard to reproductive issues.

By now we should be used to a certain segment of our population needing to cheat to win but it is always discouraging when election laws are so clearly aimed at reducing the number of voters of a particular demographic to ensure a win.

All for now from this ‘Useful Idiot.'

James Roberts



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