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Issues can be solved if we work together

To The Eagle:

A letter last week summed up the greatest threat to our great Democracy with the writer more than suggesting that if he disagrees with you then it follows that he should dislike you.

There was a time when we Americans welcomed differing opinions as it helped to find a consensus on issues, thoughts that shaped our lives, our future and our mutual respect for one another.

I firmly believe every issue such as abortion, energy policy, the border, inflation, school curriculum and so much more is waiting to be solved if we would work together.

I for one am very happy Roe V. Wade may well be overturned. That is not a reason to dislike me or anyone else that shares that view but it is a reason to rejoice that in America we all are entitled to have and share our opinions and beliefs with one another without fear of reprisal.

I don't need a participation trophy to be a good citizen. I know how to win and lose but most of all I know how to compromise to find a better way to make everyone's opinion respected and heard.

In my opinion, God has blessed us with living in the greatest country on Earth so let’s work together to not watch it be destroyed with extremes and pettiness.

To Hell with cancel culture, woke and the like. Stand up for what you believe and more importantly stand up for the beliefs of others. That is the promise of America, but only if we put it into practice everyday.

Paul Schreiber



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