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Keep your children fenced in

To The Eagle:

I can empathize with the fellow who recently mourned the casual slaughter he witnessed of wildfowl crossing the road. I would classify such barbaric rural behavior as the rule rather than the exception. You can be sure many a family pet has met a similar fate. Keep your children fenced in.

We too were once at the front of a line of vehicles, stopped to wait for a brood of chicks and their feathered parents to cross the road. The peeping gaggle hadn’t quite crossed over the opposite oncoming lane when a rusty pickup came speeding along.

It quite obviously corrected its aim toward the hapless creatures and in one horrible moment, transformed that peaceful scene into one of brutal cruelty. I’ll never forget the knee slapping hoots and grins of those cretins who plowed gleefully through that cloud of blood and feathers as they sped by.

That happened during the same month we drove past a huge billboard on I-5 exulting “AIDS Is A Miracle Disease That Transforms Fruits Into Vegetables.” Only slightly less disgusting was the next big sign declaring “ Jesus died to save YOU sinner.”

I remain continually abashed and revolted by the plague of such commercially pious signage polluting our roadsides, declaring our state’s backwardness, advertising a “Jesus” like any other product sold to disguise our blemishes.

There is no amount of counseling, Christian or otherwise, as suggested by that writer, that could ever enlighten vicious morons who kill living creatures for cheap entertainment, whether with a gun or a mammoth pickup truck.

In my opinion, if ever there existed a Jesus who suffered to “redeem” us, he died in vain.

JB Bouchard

Puget Island


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