Leakage from Supreme Court a rare phenomenon


To The Eagle:

Leakage from the Supreme Court is a rare phenomenon, so news of a possibly overturned Roe v Wade caused a tsunami of temper tantrums and assorted hysteria across the landscape of the woke folks, radical fems, and others in the looney left. One such rant actually washed up here in our quiet backwater, in the form of a polemic in last week's Eagle letters. In response, we'd say, calm down -- things ain't as bad for your side as you seem to think.

First of all, 50 years is a pretty good run for such a monumentally odious decision. Dred Scott only lasted 11 years, while Plessy v Ferguson (separate but equal) managed to last for 58. And if Roe goes, it won't make that much immediate difference to the way your side does business. Abortion policy will revert to the state level, which is where it was to start with. You can bet that neighboring states like Utah and Nevada will have widely different rules on the subject, and that the dozen states dominated by huge Democrat-controlled metropolises will stick with rules that border on infanticide. The majority of the states will enact sane legislation that balances the sanctity of human life with medical necessity.

Toward the beginning of his rant, our polemicist erroneously states that the anti-Roe stance is repugnant to 70% of the people -- almost an exact reversal of reality -- but toward the end he wanders off into electoral cheating and gets to be exactly right when he accuses us sanctimonious do gooders of wanting to keep certain demographics from voting. Right on! Those demographics are: illegal immigrants, domestic criminals, and dead people.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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