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To The Eagle:

I just found out that I received a promotion from President Biden. Previously, I was considered a "deplorable," but now I am a “ULTRA MAGA EXTREMEST” a “radical white supremacist”, a “racist”, and a “sexist”, etc. I guess that's because I support small federal government, low taxes, safe cities, secure borders, a strong military, energy independence, and our Constitution as written, with the ability to amend it by the people’s vote. I think people who know me know that I am not any of those labels, and it’s sad that you get called names for being a true American. Calling millions of people names doesn’t sound unifying, which he promised to unify the country and bring back character to the office. I believe President Biden said he would unify the country 20 times in his coronation speech.

Calling millions of people the most dangerous party in our country's history is not only wrong but does unbelievable damage to our world standing.

I consider myself fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

I support our constitutional republic and the electoral college, which i believe should be in our state so each of our county’s votes

Richard Erickson



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