Wahkiakum Democratic Party endorses Brent Hennrich


Courtesy photo.

Members of Wahkiakum Democratic Party with Brent Hennrich at last Saturday's rally.

Submitted by the Wahkiakum Democratic Party

Last Saturday morning the Wahkiakum County Democratic Party took the unusual step of endorsing a candidate before filing opened this week: Brent Hennrich for Congress to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler.

The number one reason? He is easy to talk with. He is not imposing or glad-handing. He listens. He looks you in the eye and his words make sense. He comes to Wahkiakum to be with us.

The number two reason? He is a sensible centrist; not radical left, not radical right. For example, most Amearicans, and Wahkiakumians, believe that the federal government should not reach into our private lives to tell a family how many children it can have. That is a decision for the woman, her family and her church; not the government. Brent strongly believes this, and put his feet where his beliefs are: along with some folks from Wahkiakum, he attended the recent BansOffOurBodies rallys in Longview and Vancouver.


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