What is the Republican platform? The Big Lie?


To The Eagle:

Are you a conservative? How conservative? I ask, as I have read some far right letters here in this paper. I have Republican friends I can discuss platforms with (45 had no platform), but they are very hard to find; instead I get called names and belittled for having different views.

CPAC is the premier gathering of conservatives. I have a few comments on that. I wonder how many are in lockstep with them. The Republicans I can talk with are not. I guess the world doesn't want to see how racist CPAC has become; no press allowed.

Zsolt Bayer, who has a history of anti-Semitic and racist comments, was among speakers at the event held by US conservative group in Budapest, that included speeches from Trump and Tucker Carlson. Hungary's far-right President Viktor Orban, who called for a worldwide conservative takeover, predicting at the American Conservative Political Action Committee conference held in Budapest, that "2024 will be decisive." Hungary turned replacement theory into state ideology. Tucker Carlson is one of the most prominent proponents of the idea that minorities are replacing white western civilization.

The right also seems to have forgotten, or downplayed the January 6th attempted coup. I ask the right, how many times have you heard 45 say rigged, stolen or unfair, since early 2015? The Big Lie didn’t start in 2020; 45 has been priming the pump for years to allow his followers time to believe his lie.

By the way, which party is afraid of voters? Not illegals, who did not vote, not felons who could not vote, but minorities being pushed to the side. All the investigations did not find large voter fraud; what was found, was disproportionately voters for 45!

Poul Toftemark



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