Biden trying to get rid of the Constitution


To The Eagle:

In case MSM hasn’t reported this, delegates from different countries met recently in Geneva, Switzerland behind closed doors. The talk was about Biden’s proposed 13 amendments that would grant new powers to WHO. Under the proposed amendments, Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus could declare a public health emergency in any country whether they agree with it or not. Delegates from Africa disapprove of the amendments; so should we.

Do you know what this means? This should be one of the proofs of what the Biden administration is trying to do; to get rid of the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Why else would he and his party rejoin WHO, CCP, NATO and other global organizations? We would be stripped of our rights and freedom here in our country and other countries will be affected by it as well. His proposed amendments have nothing to do in regard to health emergencies and the pandemic as they said it would. WHO is part of the CCP. I no doubt believe it’s a ploy to pursue control for global world order.

I believe this is why Trump when he was President, severed ties with WHO, NATO, CCP and other global organizations. Imagine during his term as president, he tried to work together as a team to make America great. Knowing now their agenda, they had no desire to. Yes, Trump may talk foul and talked locker room talk but he’s not the only one. Thank goodness, with the harassment and lies they and the MSM put on him, Trump fought and did what he set out to do as a President to MAGA.

My Mom and Dad taught me not to heed ill words to anyone but in this case, I find myself talking just as foul as Trump seeing Biden, Kamala, Pelosi and the likes of them for who and what they are.

Do your research. Don’t give in to tyranny and stand up for your rights.

Toni Below



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