On the brighter side


To The Eagle:

On the brighter side of Covid19 reality, former FDA Associate Commissioner Peter Pitts says “COVID-19 is becoming endemic just like the annual flu, except its symptoms and duration are more and more like the common cold… That’s victory.”

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel told the World Economic Forum (WEF) on May 23 his company will throw away 30 million mRNA vaccine doses because world-wide “nobody wants to take them.” Bancel also noted that China does not want any mRNA products, basically China is not interested in purchasing vaccines made with any mRNA technology.

Appears Covid19 in ‘heathy people’ is building excellent immune system reaction and natural nucleocapsid protein antibody protection might outperform artificial spike protein vaccination benefit. Vaccination is still a good idea for those with medical comorbidities, and when recommended by your physician. One downside recently was the Home Test kits I was sent, are not FDA approved. They only have an FDA ‘authorization’ for non-approved use.

R. Fritz



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