Disarmament is best hope for our enemies


To the Eagle:

You hafta sorta admire the warped perspicacity of the DDIDs (Desperately Defending the Indefensible Dudes) – that brave small cadre of Eagle contributors who have stood staunchly in the face of fact, history, and common sense in order to support ersatz causes like Trump/Russia, Trump/Ukraine, Climate Change Disaster, Covid Tyranny, and Gun Control. The latest JBB polemic on gun control evoked images of starry-eyed debaters fighting Mutually Assured Destruction via negotiated disarmament – and then attempts a cute pirouette into disarming citizens. On the checklist of standard operating procedures for tyrants, disarming the citizenry is always at the top. So there is a nugget of truth in JBB’s thesis: public disarmament is indeed the best hope – for our enemies, not for us.

And, John Q. Public is well aware of what’s going on, despite efforts to suppress the news -- gangs invading the southern border, violent criminals released from prisons, defunded and demoralized police, de facto legalization of hard drugs, spiking violent crime rates – and has reacted accordingly. Gun sales have topped the million-a-month mark for the last 34 months. Both women and blacks have set new records as first-time buyers of firearms. All told, there were 5.4 million first time buyers in 2022. Constitutional carry (no permit or license required) is legal in 25 states. Texas has two programs, School Marshal and School Guardian, that allow and encourage concealed carry by teachers and other school employees. At present 217 school districts are participating, and several other states are working on similar legislation.

Even the nuclear analogy is full of holes. The atomic threat wasn’t reduced by disarmament, but by Ronald Reagan’s establishment of a defense program (Star Wars) that the USSR couldn’t match without destroying their own economy. That concept worked well until sold out by Obama & Co, the same treasonous crew that has delivered us to our present sorry situation. The woke crowd says our constitution is obsolete, but fighting tyranny from within is precisely what the 2nd amendment was designed for.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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