Thinking about inflation, evil and the big lie


To The Eagle:

Inflation is twice the wage increase. According to economists, the main cause is the stimulus money to get us through the covid pandemic, causing the economy to overheat. Not sending it back, but doing things to help. I drive much less, don’t buy things unless I need them; mow less, three acres are now two foot grass. I also went on a diet--that’s for myself. Stock market going down, except oil stocks; just looked up the top performing--all oil or oil related! I think we are being greased! There is a parts shortage, truck driver shortage, a shortage of patience, a worker shortage though thousands would love to come for those jobs.

There is evil percolating in this country, throughout the world! Hate, not coming from immigrants, gays, LGBTQ’s, women, minorities, but in fact from more and more hate groups waving the Star Spangled Banner, claiming to be patriotic Americans attempting to “Take America Back.” Putin is making Russia the big evil, with China watching to see what the consequences will be, with the same aspirations, perhaps another Asix power consolidation of anti-democratic nations and despots. Most of us know what happened with Hitler when joined with Mussolini and other like minded evils. We (USA) must help Ukraine until Putin is defeated, and eventually Chechenia, Georgia (Abkhazia and South Ossetia) and Moldova (Transdniestria) and now Ukraine be restored!

I started writing about the Big Lie seven years ago when 45 started throwing seeds to see what landed in fertile soil and did not. Obviously, with such repeated assaults on the integrity of voting, the constitution and law, more were convinced of the Big Lie. I have friends, who proudly, as if it was a badge of courage, say they refused to listen to the Jan. 6th hearings. It reminds me of the three monkeys, hear no evil but they speak much evil and saw it Jan. 6th. The main thing I learned from the hearings, is the planning was in place long before. It was in fact planned, with many co-conspirators, including many elected officials, from president on down.

Poul Toftemark



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