Amateur Radio Field Day


To The Eagle:

Field Day is again here this coming weekend, June 25-26. During the 24-hour period from noon Saturday to noon Sunday amateur radio operators flex their antennas to see how many other radio operators from around the world they can talk with. This year we have seven members of our local club tuning up: Richard KC4ONA, Steve K7SH, Bob WB6AGE, Bill KJ7KMP, Gordon WA6TTR, Jim KG7WSQ, Ron W7ERY. Gordon is our safety coordinator. Our satellite contact coordinator is Richard; come out to see his "ray gun antenna" in operation.

We will be operating from the Wahkiakum School District baseball fields behind the batting cage. One of our antennas will stretch between the light poles for over a thousand feet, to be one of the biggest antennas in use by anyone in the world. The public and elected officials are invited to drop in and see how we operate. You can also try talking with someone else around the world via Amater Radio if you want to, or sending an email via radio.

This is a part of our emergency preparedness in Wahkiakum County in coordination with Emergency Management. When an emergency happens that knocks out power and phone service and internet and cell service, Amateur Radio will be here to provide the necessary back-up. We have installed local radios in each fire hall. If an emergency happens, voice and electronic messages are routed between the fire halls and the Emergency Operations Center, and then to operators like those listed above, who then send those messages to wherever they need to go in the world. Field Day is where we make sure our equipment is ready for when we are needed. If you want to learn more or get involved, check out our website at

Ron Wright W7ERY

Puget Island


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