Why is FOX afraid to air the hearings?


To The Eagle:

It seems that America has come to a place where we as a nation either continue united or end up just another Banana Republic. The attempted coup on January 6, 2021 was certainly more than just a normal tourist day as proposed by some. The hearing presented to we the people on every TV station except FOX was shocking and frightening to the point that FOX wouldn't air it. Even went so far as to give Tucker Carlson an entire show without commercial break, unheard of in broadcast TV history. Was FOX afraid that during the commercial break their viewers might switch over to a real news outlet and actually see what happened on that day? Let's not forget that just a short while ago Tucker Carlson was waxing poetic about what a fine leader Putin is and also let us not forget that our very own president at the time preferred to believe Putin over our own intelligence agencies. If that doesn't strike you as odd it makes me question your allegiance to our nation.

Like just about anybody I can think of, our current president seems to be a disappointment with the gas, grocery and everything else going up faster than we can keep up with. The problem is that Mr. Biden really has little to no control over any of this. When we read that the oil companies are making record profits it begs the question why aren't the prices returning to normal? I get it that the pandemic caused disruption in all areas of commerce but the energy sector seems to be taking advantage of the situation to our detriment.

Like any other compassionate human being I feel terrible sadness for the poor people in Ukraine and I understand wanting to offer support. However, when was the last time you drove to Vancouver on I-5? The road is in such a sad state that it feels like my poor car will break an axle on some of the holes and bumps. Could not some money be spent here?

Even though they aren't getting bombed there are apparently hundreds of people living like refugees along our roadways and rail lines, in parks and anywhere else that is level enough to make a camp. People complain about the trash laying around but nowhere does one see a dumpster at these sites. How about portable toilets? Some of these folks actually have jobs but are priced out of the rental market by greedy landlords and outrageous rental prices.

I don't have the answers and if I did they'd go right over the heads of those that don't care. Will finish this screed by thanking a certain person who asked me why I hadn't written a letter in a while so here you go, friend. I hope this will satisfy you and thanks for the nudge.

Final thought. Why is FOX afraid to air the hearings? We all know the answer, don't we?

James Roberts



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