The minority wins again


To The Eagle:

I’m not for abortion; I’m not against guns, but I am for using sensible choices and freedom for such choices. Republicans are right, “Outlaw guns; only outlaws have guns,” but outlaw abortion, you will go to back alleys, coat hangers, Mexico or unregulated drugs. Guns will never be gone or will abortions. Once again the minority wins; remember 45 did not win majority, nor did Bush. Together with sleazy conduct of Mitch McConnell, they now account for five of nine justices. The last three had no qualms of deceiving (lying) at their confirmation hearing, though I think Susan Collins was the only one to believe it. In my opinion, the Supreme Court of the US is now an extension of political parties appointing them. The Electoral College is in my opinion far outdated from its intended purpose. Citizens United in my opinion is an abomination, I can still see Roberts shaking his head.

Many people with perceived rights had better read Thomas’ words on the decision; he wants to take us way back and actually invited lawsuits to be filed so he could rule on same-sex marriage, interracial marriage and contraception. Perhaps he wants to get rid of his cuckoo wife. Interracial marriage in the United States has been fully legal in all states since the 1967 Supreme Court decision? Sadly the big corporations and conglomerates are cheering on the class warfare, while continued greedy use of our resources, the American worker.

Now that abortions are illegal, the country is sure to pass maternity leave, healthcare for all, equal rights, equal pay, preschool, kindergarten, free education, voting rights, create immigration system to address the worker shortage and such other important laws? Oh! That’s right, the minority party is against all those "for the people" laws, able to stop it, due to filibuster. Sadly all these laws are passed or rejected by mostly old white men who have all they need and more, and who often are only there to get more. Remember how many elected Republicans went back to their states, bragging about passing infrastructure, while actually voting against.

I know the response I’ll get when making this next statement: This isn’t the country I emigrated to in 1957 (so go back from where you came). I am vested in this country and am as needed here as anyone else. So speak up in November; the only real voice that should be loudly heard.

Poul Toftemark



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