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Giant hogweed found in Cowlitz and Clark counties

Giant hogweed, Heracleum mantegazzianum, has been found in neighboring Cowlitz and Clark counties. Giant hogweed is a Class A listed noxious weed. Eradication of all Class A weeds is required by law. Giant hogweed looks very much like cow parsnip which is a common native plant. Giant hogweed grows much bigger with heights reaching 15 feet. The hollow stem is 2-4 inches thick and compound leaves can range from 2-5 feet across. Not only is it invasive, but its sap can result in severe and painful burning to sensitive people. Do not handle without gloves and protective clothing. While it is unlikely to be in Wahkiakum county, if you suspect this plant call Weed Control Supervisor Andy Lea at Wahkiakum County Noxious Weed Control (360) 795-3852 and they will investigate at no cost. Courtesy photo.


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