Valley Cup becomes Naselle Coffee


Karen Bertroch

Hannah Footh, new owner of Naselle Coffee, is shown in the window of former Valley Cup Coffee.

As of July 1, Valley Cup Espresso in Naselle has changed hands and is now called Naselle Coffee. After 10 years, Gail Queener sold her latte stand to Hannah Footh who will now make coffee drinks for residents and visitors who travel through Naselle, or buy groceries at Okie's Market or watch a ball game nearby.

Gail Queener will be missed. She has not only made special coffee drinks for all who stop for a break, she has also been a listener and answered questions such as, "Where is the nearest restroom?" She has been a counselor on dark wet winter days for folks who just need someone to listen. Gail will be missed by many who have seen her work hard to please each person who came to her window. We sincerely hope she will enjoy more trips to Hawaii and sleeping in now.

On the other hand, young Hannah Footh who is the new owner of Naselle Coffee, will be the face at the window in the future, although Gail will still be available, if needed in a crunch. At 20 years old, working as a barista is the only job Hannah has known. She began working for Gail at 16 years old and has continued to work for her right through the years between. Hannah has a very pretty, friendly smile. She will have all her friends from high school, as well as the older folks, mothers, hunters, log truck drivers and long-time visitors who remember her from the last 4th of July.

It is clear how excited Hannah Footh is. There aren't many 20-year old "youngsters" who can say they own a business. It seems she just finished high school, yet there she is with a well- known business already. She has always been an entrepreneur, even as a young girl she was selling lemonade at the end of her driveway, then picking blackberries to sell to her neighbors.

Hannah has already found a girl headed into her senior year of high school who wants to work for her, Bella Dunagen, also with a pretty smile. It's wonderful to see Gail's mentoring of Hannah become Hannah's mentoring for Bella. Hannah is the daughter of Nicki and Paul Footh, and the granddaughter of John and Frieda Footh. She is another hard working Footh who will hopefully keep her business not only steady, but growing. Nicki Footh stated, "I am beyond blessed to have Hannah Footh as a daughter." Many in our area are also proud and blessed to have her as our personal barista. All the coffee drinkers in our area wish her the best in her new business.


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