It's truly amazing


To The Eagle:

We’d like to celebrate and commemorate the appearance of a truly amazing editorial in last week’s Eagle. In a dazzling display of journalistic virtuosity, our editor succinctly and accurately outlined the five steps Joe Biden took to transform our nation from the world’s leading democratic superpower into a third world authoritarian basket case, and then performs an astounding feat of literary prestidigitation to proclaim that what happened didn’t happen.

The five steps: (1) establish a scapegoat (which in this case was Trump and the MAGA movement), (2) take control of the media (which the mainstream did voluntarily with five years of false narrative about Trump/Russia, Trump/Ukraine, climate change/carbon, Covid, and January 6), (3) take control of your courts (which the Democrats have been working at since the days of FDR) (4) take control of your elections (which they did by cheating in the five swing states plus the contribution of 350 million Zuckerbucks to the cause), and (5) modify your constitution (see associated nonsense by JBB concerning “living document”).

So as we sit here enjoying rampant inflation, unaffordable and unreliable energy, a failing economy, and saber-rattling enemies around the globe, our editor reassures us that our kids are facing a bright and normal future despite all the well-recorded Covid malfeasance, CRT exposure, hypersexualization, school violence, and mounting mental health problems. Is that conclusion the ultimate of naivete or the epitome of sarcasm?

As we said at the outset – truly amazing.

Howard Brawn

Puget Island


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