By Rick Nelson

Changes in letters policy


I've decided to implement some changes in The Eagle policy for letters to the editor.

First and foremost, letters need to be shortened. In the past, the limit has been 350 words; starting with the July 23 edition, the limit is now 250 words. We seem to have lots of people who want to comment; space is tight.

Second, letters laden with disinformation won't be published. The Eagle won't be party to poisoning reader's minds with cons and conspiracy theories.

Of course, there's room for debate on issues, but remember to keep it civil and avoid personal attacks.

Some writers wonder why letters don't get printed. As mentioned above, some are laden with disinformation. At other times, such as last week, there isn't room for every letter, and finally, we occasionally miss them in the load of email we receive.

In any case, as we used to say in the 1960's, "Write On!"

Or something like that.


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