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Dan Bigelow deserves your vote

To The Eagle:

I'd known Dan Bigelow for several years and always knew he was the coroner and prosecutor but had no idea that he was an emergency medical technician here in Wahkiakum county. A few years ago I showed up at our health clinic so ill with pneumonia that an ambulance was called to transport me into PeaceHealth in Longview. I imagine that, partially due to my very compromised condition, was the reason I initially freaked out when I saw the coroner come in. He quickly assured me that I wasn't actually dead and he in fact was the ambulance person taking me in to the hospital! What a relief that was.

You may remember an incident a few years ago when a very troubled young man was in a shooting stand-off with our local deputies and other law men. The situation was handled beautifully by our gifted Sheriff, Mark Howie, and everyone went home and one went to jail. I had worked in psychiatric units as an RN in the course of my 30 plus years of hospital nursing and it was apparent to me that the man in question didn't need to spend the rest of his life in a state hospital. What he needed was someone to monitor his medication to be sure he took them on a daily basis so he wouldn't lose his mind again and go off the rails. I shared my feelings with Mr. Bigelow and that is pretty much what happened. He did time served in the county jail and since then has been home and no problem to society and no expense to the state. Win-win. Thanks, Dan. He has my vote.

James Roberts



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