Retirement accounts are in danger


To The Eagle:

Wow; Rasmussen (July 11th) says President Biden’s job approval rating is 37% and his disapproval is 61%. Rasmussen (July 11th) says direction of USA on the right track is only 19%, while 76% say we are on the wrong track.

The nation is hurting as the value of each US dollar is still dropping, which artificially triggers more inflation. Fuel costs are still rising, as our president has now started exporting our national oil reserves.

The Biden and Patty Murray supported plan to begin taxing unrealized capital gains, is coming to light (Forbes, et al) as IRA and 401k retirement accounts are now showing record unrealized capital losses. Many people have retirement investments in harm’s way by political greed. I am hopeful the next election will remove those wishing to oppress others and take their savings.




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