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To The Eagle:

Last week’s AP (Jan. 6th Hearing) article had three paragraphs on “sworn testimony” of 2nd hand hear-say. A witness who saw nothing and wasn’t present during the event repeated what others had said, and they were just repeating what they had heard. Hear-Say = Rumors. Sworn testimony needs to be directly from people actually inside the vehicle. Media hyped the rumor testimony as being the “whole picture” of what happened. That created desired public prejudice and a rumor based reality.

One writer forgot that the 2nd Amendment was written to protect ownership of combat grade personal weapons. The founders understood the need for that individual right. The long range sniper rifles of 1787 are exactly what the 2nd Amendment addressed. The writer was correct, times change as do the quality of personal weapons the 2nd Amendment protects.

Many today think judges should rule based on whether they “like” or “dislike” an issue. That would be totally unethical. They must rule on the “textualism” of the law itself. Roe was “black letter law” if they understand the meaning of U.S. Constitution 10th Amendment. States by federal law, deal with internal domestic medical practice, procedures and limits. Bill Clinton said abortions should be “safe, legal and rare.” That “safe, legal and rare” DNC political view has itself now been aborted by today’s pro-abortion zealots. Democracy in our republic allows the individual states to decide.

Elections matter, honesty matters. When every dollar bill and lottery ticket can have a serial number, why shouldn’t election ballots have serial numbers? Raise the level of ballot security and honesty in all elections with trackable serial numbers. State election officials must ensure individual ballot accountability, serial numbers will help.




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