Established as The Skamokawa Eagle in 1891

Bigelow has earned our support

To The Eagle:

We arrived here 31 years ago, greeted by the slogan "a unique experience awaits you." I was newly retired from 33 years of aviation and Judy from 25 years of law enforcement (though she ended up working 10 more years) so we doubted we'd find much that was truly unique -- but we did. Besides being laid back and friendly, town and county leadership proved to be competent and professional. Response times to both general disasters and personal emergencies were amazingly quick, and if you had a medical emergency, you'd find yourself being loaded in the ambulance by the District Judge and the Prosecutor and driven to the hospital by one of the town's leading businessmen. In a word, the place was interested, inclusive, and civically engaged.

Dan Bigelow arrived here around the same time we did, spent a few years "learning the ropes," and has served as our prosecutor for the past 16 years. In a small county like Wahkiakum, the prosecutor wears a variety of hats ranging from general legal advisor to coroner, and Dan has turned in a spectacular performance at all of them, while also serving as an EMT for three decades. In doing so he has almost singlehandedly fulfilled the fine civic traditions of his predecessors, while also teaching classes to educate and inspire future generations of civic leaders.

Dan has certainly earned our support for as long as he wants the job.

Howard & Judy Brawn

Puget Island


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