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Voters pick finalists for fall election

By Rick Nelson

Voters across Washington state cast ballots in the primary eledtion Tuesday and whittled down some crowded fields to set the list for the November general election.

In Washington's primary elections, only the top two candidates advance to the general election, regardless of party affiliation.

Following are early results. Elections officers will count late arriving ballots later this week. For brevity, only top candidates are shown in races with multiple candidates.

Wahkiakum County

Prosecuting Attorney: Dan Bigelow D (incumbent) 703; Holly McKeen I 527.

County Commissioner, Dist. 3: Eugene C. "Gene" Strong I (incumbent) 205; write-in 41.

Former Commissioner Blair Brady had announced he would be a write-in candidate for the election, and that he would need approximately 10 votes to qualify. Posted results didn't identify who received the write-in votes.

West Puget Island Precinct Committee Officer, Republican: Tom Merz 80, Tom Shofner 22.

All other local candidates were unopposed: Assessor candidate Falon Hoven; Auditor Nikki Bergseng; Clerk Kay Holland; Sheriff Mark Howie; and Treasurer Tammy Peterson.

Pacific County

All candidates for local offices were unopposed: Assessor Bruce Walker; Auditor Joyce Kidd; Clerk Emma Rose; Sheriff Robin Souvenir; Treasurer Renee L. Goodin; Prosecuting Attorney Michael Rothman, and Commissioner, Dist. 3, Michael "Hawk" Runyon.

US Senator

Wahkiakum County: Patty Murray D (incumbent) 477; Tiffany Smiley R 424; Leon Lawson Trump party (T) 144.

Pacific County: Murray D 2059; Smiley R 1,384; Lawson T 381.

State wide: Murray D 504,182; Smiley R 299,268.

US House of Representatives

Wahkiakum County: Jamie Herrera Beutler R (incumbent) 373; Marie Guelsenkamp Perez D 262; Heidi St. John R 285; Joe Kent R 244.

Pacific County: Perez D 1,394; Herrera Beutler R 1,058; Kent R 790; St. John 616.

District 3: Perez D 34,299; Hererra Beutler R 26,373; Kent R 21,666; St. John R 16,248.

Washington Secretary of State

Wahkiakum County: Steve Hobbs D 323; Bob Hagglund R 234; Keith L. Wagoner R 164.

Pacific County:

State wide: Hobbs D 371,943; Julie Anderson NP 118,799; Hagglund R 113,181; Wagoner R 110,805.

Legislative Dist. 19, Pos. 1

Wahkiakum: Jim Walsh R (incumbent) 747; Kelli Hughes-Ham 475.

Pacific: Walsh R 2,192; Hughes-Ham D 1,996.

Dist. 19: Walsh R 13,502; Hughes-Ham 9,0059.

Legislative Dist. 19, Pos. 2

Wahkiakum: Joel Mcentire R 762; Kara Cusack D 372; Jon-Erik Hegstad Progressive (P) 88.

Pacific: McEntire R 2,166; Cusack D 1,714; Hegstad P 287.

Dist. 19: McEntire R 13,276; Cusack D 7,329; Hegstad P 1,826.

Voter turnout in Wahkiakum County was 36.37% 1,271 late arriving ballots remain to be counted; the next count will be on Friday at 10 a.m.

Voter turnout in Pacific County was 25.89%; and estimated 2,103 are left to count; the next count was scheduled yesterday (Wednesday) after The Eagle went to press.

Voter turnout statewide was 21.67 percent; an estimated 346,703 ballots remain to be counted.

Elections are set to be certified Aug. 16.


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